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Body odor can be eliminated through changes in diet

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Eliminate body odor - Body odor is a direct reflection of what you eat and the amount of toxins in your body. The following are tips to reduce body odor through changes in diet.

This article touches a subject that is quite sensitive to many people: body odor. Let's explore the relationship between the food you choose to consume and the smell that your body produces (there is a direct correlation).

With hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on personal care products and deodorants, I am amazed there is almost no discussion about reducing body odor by changing your diet. In fact, when I mentioned this to some people, they saw me confused. They asked, "What do you mean? Your food controls your body odor? Body odor is genetic!" What is needed is a crash course in the causes of basic body odor. We will call it Offensive Basic Personal Odor, or just 101 Body Odor, in short.

First lesson in Body Odor 101: What comes out of your body reflects what you enter. Body odor is something that is greatly influenced by what is emitted by your sweat glands. And remember, the armpit is designed to sweat. I know that might sound very simple, because everyone knows that the armpits sweat, but I say that the armpit should sweat. But people try hard to prevent their armpits from sweating using deodorant products that contain toxic chemicals and derivatives from heavy metals such as aluminum.

But there is more to it than just cooling your body temperature through sweat. Another function of the sweat glands in your armpit is removing toxins from your body. That's why sweating is an important part of maintaining optimal physical health: You have to give your body a chance to get rid of various poisons through various metabolic processes. This includes urinating, defecating, removing carbon dioxide and other poisons through the lungs, and of course, removing toxins through the skin. Skin, remember, is your body's biggest organ.

Your armpit, then, actually has a health function that is important in getting rid of toxins. That's why you have to keep it open and not clogged with deodorant products. Sweating is good for you.

But what about the smell? Where did it come from? Conventional doctors like to say that because of the bacteria that live in your armpits. But that's ridiculous: our whole body is covered by bacteria, not just our armpits. And if bacteria cause odor, you can get rid of body odor by sterilizing your armpit with alcohol or iodine tincture. (Try it, if you like it: it will still not get rid of odor.) The real cause of underarm odor is the excretion of intentional horrible poisons that your body wants to get rid of. And by using deodorant products, you block the exits and force them to stay in your system! How to get rid of body odor, then, not cover it with unhealthy deodorant products, but to cleanse your body from the inside. outside. In other words, if your armpit smells horrible, it is an indication that your diet needs some adjustments. I am embarrassed to say that I know this from personal experience.

My own body odor was rather disgusting when I followed a standard American diet like most people. I have to use large doses of brand deodorant products just to try to cover up the smell. Only later did I find out that these products were made with cancer-causing chemical fragrances that are absorbed directly into your bloodstream, through your armpits, where they enter your heart and promote liver disease, cancer, and various other disorders.

Many deodorants and antiperspirants are made with aluminum to stop sweat from your sweat glands, and aluminum is thought to accumulate in the nervous system and ultimately contribute to nervous system disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. That's why I no longer use brand deodorants or antiperspirants. After giving up red meat, junk food, fast food and other diet cruelty, I no longer needed deodorant.

Look closely at the causes of body odor. What foods cause body odor in the first place? Red meat is the main cause of body odor. Red meat causes stagnation in the body; it decays in the digestive tract and releases all types of poisons into the bloodstream through the large intestine. I have noticed that people who consume large amounts of red meat regularly tend to have body odor that is stronger than those who avoid it. Some people say the opposite to me - they say they are vegetarians who smell because they roam without using deodorants at all. But my experience is that if a vegetarian smells, they don't follow a healthy diet even though they avoid meat. (You can be vegetarian and very unhealthy if you eat lots of processed foods.) But overall, if you find a healthy vegetarian and put them side by side with heavy meat eaters in a sniff test, I'm sure your nose will lead you to the conclusion that meat eaters are the most offensive of both.

As far as other foods that cause body odor, the food produced - those that are less fiber and made with white flour, adding sugar, hydrogenated oil and other processed ingredients - is a big cause. When you eliminate this from your diet and switch to a healthy 100% diet made from grains, a large number of leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, soy products, supergreen, lots of raw sprouts, seeds and seeds, healthy oils and healthy ingredients others similar. . Your body odor will disappear all in a matter of weeks.

That's because the plant-based diet is an internal aroma. It's true: chlorophyll and other phytonutrients will cleanse you from the inside out. Some of the best foods for this include parsley, cilantro, celery and all species of mint. Aromatic herbs are also very good: sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and so on.

As a sidebar for discussion of body odor, everything that comes out of your body is a strong indicator of your current level of health, and what adjustments you need to make to be healthier. It is interesting to note that for hundreds of years, doctors really felt the urine of their patients and were able to make medical diagnoses only by feeling analysis. Even though it sounds strange, this actually makes sense. Human tongue is probably the best natural chemical composition known as modern medicine. (The dog's nose is also good at this. Dogs are actually trained to sniff out bladder cancer by kissing human urine. Look for Google for articles about "dogs kissing bladder dogs" and you will find many references to this fact.

After feeling the urine, an expert doctor can provide a very precise medical diagnosis. The problem, of course, is that doctors also tend to be sick from tasting their patients' urine, and because of this this practice has become unpopular for a long time.

Now, I am not at all suggesting that you have to taste your own urine. But it's very easy to kiss your own armpit and understand what's happening. Try doing 24 hours without deodorant. If you can't stand the smell from the outside, just imagine the smell of your body like inside! Maybe it's time for some plants in your diet, huh?

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